Bound Ball Squeeze

Sebastian is hanging from the ceiling with his cock and balls bound tightly with red rope.  Trenton Ducati struts in wearing only jeans and sneakers.

My balls cant handle this!  Sebastian whimpers, only for Trenton to squeeze his nuts then start smacking them.

Trenton grips Sebastians balls and pulls him up off his feet to make him scream, then smacks him in the chest.  He continues to squeeze and pull on Sebastians big balls hard, lifting him back off his feet, then licking his balls.

Whats wrong with you?!  Sebastian begs, but Trenton just starts to bite his balls, ignoring his suffering.  

After a ton of ball abuse, Trenton grabs a flogger and whips at Sebastians midsection, and the head of his sensitive cock.  

Trenton starts to show mercy by slowly unraveling the red rope around Sebastians cock and balls, then he pulls the rope off hard and fast, making Sebastian scream.GAY BONDAGE, GAY CBT, GAY BALL SQUEEZING, FLOGGING, MALE DOMINATION, MUSCLE, BALL LICKING, BALL BITING