Sam And Trenton Resort Hook Up

Sam Truitt is jerking off outside at a resort in Ft Lauderdale.  Trenton notices him from around the corner and starts stroking his own suddenly hard cock.  He approaches Sam, and puts his huge cock in his mouth.  


They suck each others’ cocks out on the porch until Trenton tells Sam that he wants him to cum in his mouth.  Sam pumps a huge load into Trenton’s mouth, then Trenton invites Sam into his room to fuck.


Once inside, Trenton puts Sam on his back and Sam’s eyes light up when Trenton’s boner enters him.  (behind the scenes, Sam mentioned that this was the biggest thing he’d ever had in his ass)  Trenton pounds Sam on his back until Sam blows another load all over his own stomach.  Trenton pulls out and adds his own cum to the mess.