Trenton And Adam Killian Gym Fuck

Trenton is at a Gay Resort in Cleveland he goes down to the gym for his morning workout as hes working out he notices Adam Killian being the muscle heads they are they start working out next to each other seeing who can pump out more reps. Trenton is secretly checking Killian out thinking he doesn't notice but he does and does the same. Killian turns around and Trenton takes his chance he goes over to Killian and grabs his ass. Killian doesn't seem to mind so Trenton keeps going. Pulling down Killian’s shorts to eat out his beautiful ass.


Killian grabs the pull up bar to lift himself enough for Trenton to get his pants off all the way. Trenton is enjoying Killian’s ass when he turns around to reveal his thick big cock. Trenton cant but help himself and starts blowing Killian, choking on his cock. After a few minutes of mind numbingly good head Killian decides he want some of Trenton’s cock.

He pushes trenton up against a workout machine and rips off his underwear, swallowing Trentons cock he loves it. 


Killian pulls over a punching bag to lay Trenton down on. On all fours Killian dives into his ass licking, spiting, rimming, Trenton cant help but moaning in so much pleasure.

Killian plays with Trenton’s ass with his cock, rubbing it up and down his ass checks.


Killian lubes up and tells Trenton to get ready, Killian sticks it in and Trenton screams for the pain of his ass being stretched by Killian’s big cock. Fucking for a while Killian wants to cum in Trenton’s mouth so he rips off the condom and pulls Trenton to his crotch he puts his cock in his mouth again and the next thing you see is all of Killian’s cum dripping out of Trenton’s mouth.