Dylan Knight Bound

Dylan Knight is bound and blindfolded in his underwear on Trenton’s doorstep.  He waits in suspense, wondering what Trenton is going to do to him.


Trenton undoes his hands and kisses him, but leaves him blindfolded and makes him worship his sweaty hi top sneakers.  He orders his slave to take his shoe off and sniff it while Trenton plays with his budge and ass with his foot.


“I want you to slowly work my sock off” Trenton orders.  Dylan takes his time kissing his sweaty foot as he peels his sock off to worship his toes.  Once the sock if off, Trenton puts his big toe in Dylan’s ass, making him moan until he gags him with his sweaty sock.


Trenton makes Dylan pinch his own nipples while he plays with his big balls with his bare foot, then jams his toes in his mouth.


Trenton orders Dylan to play with his own cock while he puts his foot on his balls.  


“I’m glad I fucking captured you…”  He peels off his blind fold and tugs his balls with his toes, then binds his hands again and kisses him goodbye, for now…