Shoe Shine and a Fuck

Trenton is looking really sharp in dress slacks and suspenders with some fancy shoes on.  Devin is telling him how he has a shoe shining fetish.  Trenton decides to indulge the boy…


“Get those buckles while your down there…”


Devin has a huge grin while he works Trenton’s shoes.  He keeps grabbing at his socks while he shines, and eventually removes his dress shoes to smell Trenton’s feet.  He massages his big feet through the socks, breathing in his soles.


Trenton can tell that Devin is getting turned on, so he tells him to take off his shirt, then crams his big toes in Devin’s mouth, calling him a pervy little bastard.


Devin gets fully naked and Trenton starts to give him a foot job with his dress socks still on.  This drives Devin crazy.  He slowly removes Trenton’s socks to worship his bare feet while Trenton starts to get undressed.


Trenton starts to manhandle Devin, bending him over to play with his hole and spank him.


Devin starts to suck Trenton’s cock on his knees.  Trenton orders him to work his cock exactly like he likes it, then returns the favor before having Devin grab a condom and lube his own hole.


Devin rides Trenton’s cock, then bends over so Trenton can fuck him from behind.  Then he puts him on the ground with his legs over his head and fucks Devin until Devin blows his load all over his own face.  Then Trenton pulls out and jerks off until he cums all over Devin’s big balls.