Casting Devin Dixon FULL

This is a casting call.  Devin Dixon is interviewing to be a part of DucatiPorn.  Trenton asks him a couple questions, then tells him to get to work.

Devin starts to strip, and is a little shy at first, so Trenton gets in front of the camera with him to show him how to keep it sexy…

Before long, Trenton has him bent over, and is playing with his ass and pulling on his big uncut cock.  Trenton likes Devin’s shoes, so he spanks the fuck out of him with his sneakers, then starts to eat his ass.

“Next I want you to fuck yourself with a dildo…”

Trenton returns to Devin with a big dildo.  He tells him to finger himself, and pushes his hand in deeper, holding the camera while directing the younger model.

Trenton hands Devin the camera and has him film while Trenton sucks his cock.   Trenton loves Devin’s big uncut cock, and loves nibbling and sucking on his foreskin.

They trade places, so Trenton can film Devin sucking his cock.  It’s a very interactive casting call…

Trenton tells the excited young model to stop sucking his cock and show him his ass.  Devin quickly gets on his back, throws his legs up and shows his hole…

Devin is on his back with his legs in the air, lubing up his hole.  Trenton shoves his big tow in Devin’s ass and tells him to stroke his big uncut cock.  

“Can you dick reach your hole?  Good, push it in…”

Trenton hands Devin the camera to film his own ass getting eaten.  Then Trenton grabs Devin’s sneakers that he likes so much and uses them to play with his big cock.  Then Trenton takes the camera back and orders Devin to lick his feet.  Devin takes some initiative, licks his own feet, and starts to give Trenton a foot job, while Trenton films it POV style.

Devin is handling Trenton’s big dildo when Trenton asks him if he wants to fuck himself.  He doesn’t waste any time, cramming it in his ass…

He plays with his big cock while ramming himself in the ass with his legs in the air.  

Devin takes out the dildo, sucks on it and proudly mentions how clean his ass is with a big mischievous smile.  He shoves it back in his ass, and Trenton pushes it in deeper with his foot.  

“Now I want you to cum on the dildo and put it back in your ass…”  Devin smiles big when he hears this…

Then Trenton shows him how it’s done by cumming all over Dixon’s feet, gonzo pov style.