Dakota Pervs Out While Trenton Showers

It’s the first time young Dakota Wolfe is in Trenton’s house.  They just had a little impromptu foot worship session in the living room (which just really escalated rather quickly) and now Trenton is rinsing off in the shower.

Dakota isn’t done getting his freak on.  He creeps on Trenton, watching him shower for a second, then slinks into his room and starts rooting through his underwear drawer.

Apparently Dakota really has a thing for Trenton’s underwear.  He jumps on his bed and rubs himself with a few pairs before his finds a dildo and starts sucking on that.

Dakota takes his time getting himself off in Trenton’s bed.  He strokes his cock until he cums, gets a little cum on the dildo, and rams it in his own ass.

Looks like Trenton found himself a model with a ton of potential…